Snakes As Livestock? New Study Suggests Pythons As A Sustainable Meat Source

You’ve probably heard the arguments that crickets and other bugs represent a nutritious, environmentally preferable alternative to our overwhelming reliance on chickens, pigs and cows as sources of protein. 

But perhaps you’re also among the many that find the idea of chowing down on insects distasteful.
Now, scientists are proposing pythons as a new livestock option for farming due to their impressive food conversion rates and ability to fast for months with minimal body mass loss.

…In short, this means that they wouldn’t require a constant input of food to stay healthy, which could lower the costs and resources needed to maintain them as livestock. They could even feed off of by-products from other meat industries.

The scientists note that there are already small-scale snake farms in places such as Thailand and Vietnam. But they caution that there are hurdles to clear before we see operations on the scale of more common livestock industries.