Taking Stock: How EV Sales Have Curbed Oil Demand And Lessened The Rise In Emissions

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Without EVs, solar, wind, and nuclear, the global rise in emissions in the last five years would have been three times larger, new International Energy Agency (IEA) analysis shows. 

The bad news is that energy-related emissions rose in 2023. 

But the good news is that continued expansion of clean energy technologies meant that global emissions rose less strongly than in 2022, even as total energy demand growth accelerated.
Last year was the first in which at least half of electricity generation in advanced economies came from such low-emissions sources as renewables and nuclear.

From 2019 to 2023, growth in clean energy was twice as large as that of fossil fuels. The new IEA analysis shows that the deployment of clean energy in the past five years has substantially limited increases in demand for fossil fuels, laying the groundwork to accelerate the transition away from them this decade.